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Our 100% natural briquettes are produced in South Asia, based on charcoal and without chemical impurities. They are mainly used for professional use in restaurants and taverns, as well as for private BBQ lovers.


Unique hexagonal briquettes with a hole in the center offer longer baking times and excellent combustion properties. They are easy to light and packed in 10kg cartons. The hexagonal carbonero briquette is an excellent briquette choice for baking professionals. The burning time of the briquette is 7 hours, while the burning stability of the briquette is excellent and the waiting time for starting baking is 40 minutes. The briquette’s economy for long-lasting baking is enormous if it requires about twice as much simple woodcarp for the same effect.

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Briquettes Features

They are mainly used for professional use in restaurants and taverns, as well as for private BBQ lover.


Our company offers you a complete range of baking charms, of excellent quality at very affordable prices. The goal of Carbonero is to serve our customers, wholesaler or retailer, by providing quality products. Carbonero is targeted at restaurants, taverns, super market, cash & carry and everyday care for the best customer service.


The process of producing the briquette is made with sophisticated and environmentally friendly technology. The raw material of the briquette is the sawdust, which results from the cutting of tree trunks. With proper treatment and after pressing at high temperature (300 ° C) it takes the form of wooden briquette. Under these conditions of pressure and temperature, natural wood resins act as natural adhesives. No other foreign substance is required. This method produces the ideal wood to produce charcoal. Heavy (twice the heavier wood), hard, homogeneous, dry. These ideal wood briquettes are carbonized in chambers at 700o C – 800o C for a suitable time in traditional furnace conditions but with perfect control of conditions and parameters. Then they are cooled for two days followed by sorting and packaging. As a result of the above process, it is the perfect charcoal, the hexagonal Carbonero briquette.

  • 100% Natural briquette of coal, no chemicals

  • 10 kg carton packaging

  • Low ash level

  • Length of briquettes 12-18 cm

  • Constant high combustion

  • No odors

  • Durable, do not break

Carbonero briquette charcoal


Combustion Time – 7 hours
Waiting Time – 40 mins
Carton Packaging – 10kg


Week Days 8:00 – 5:00
Saturday 9:00 – 5:00
Sunday 11:00 – 4:00




  • Smooth (due to the perfect carbonization, the briquette burns without the build-up of smoke or fumes during initial ignition and later combustion).

  • Low residual ash (high temperatures in the combustion zone).

  • Maximum combustion duration (comes from perfect wood).

  • High thermal capacity (maximum carbon density).

  • Lack of sparks (due to uniformity in structure).

  • Stability of combustion (due to homogeneity in the mass).

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In accordance with the requirements of customers, we work hard to continuously improve our Integrated Quality Management System. Wide extent of our staff’s experience, well–equipped workshops and by listening carefully to our clients feedback, enable the company to efficiently perform high quality work with competitive prices as well.

Our goal is to deliver the best quality products and services possible, meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations while complying with all contractual requirements with ultimate care for our environment.

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